what is a detox diet ?

what is a detox diet ?

Tonie Cooper Asked: what is a detox diet ?

i have know idea but the word keeps popping up ?


Martynas Slepinys Answered:
A detox diet is a diet wich helps you to detoxify your body(get rid of toxins).The diet consists usually of many vegetables and fruit,drinking more water and eating less meat(going vegetarian).

Dr Frank Answered:
Unfortunately the whole concept of detox is an urban myth. It is based solely on the irrational rants of constipated Edwardians who refused to eat vegetables as the considered them food only fit for the lower classes to consume. As a result they had little option but to spend their time taking laxatives and purgatives and giving themselves enemas. Provided you have not already done too much damage to your body, your liver and kidneys will deal with problem of removing toxins from your body, as that was what they were designed to do. After that, tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life and you can start afresh.

Tara Answered:
detox is supposedly a way to reduce so called toxins in the body. the body is fully capable of dealing with any thing that won,t poison you. there are no deposits of toxins, excess colon buildup, etc. lying about in the body. if you eat and hydrate, the body does all the work of keeping you clean. the diet is just a way to sell a product; with the promise of magic cures, weight loss, etc.

David Answered:

To detoxify means to eliminate the impurities or the wastes from our body.Apple diet is one of the popular detox diet.Also the lemon juice detox.Green tea is also excellent in flushing the toxins from our body.The natural and safest way if drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water a day.Through urination and perspiration we can also detoxify.An ionic foot bath have these features.

sabrina Answered:
More and more people are turning to detox diets these days, as they believe they offer a more holistic way for getting healthier. The aim of a Detox Diet (also called a cleansing diet) is to remove toxins and poisons from the body. This is can be achieved in a number of ways, but the general idea is that you eat very healthy food and avoid food that is processed and unhealthy. This will help the body to remove toxins by giving the lymph, liver and kidneys the best chance of working at an optimal level.

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