Cold Sweats

Cold Sweats

One thing that a lot of people suffer from is cold sweats. This is what it is called when you are sweating with no visible cause like exercise or being overly hot. Many people talk about waking up in a cold sweat or breaking out in a cold sweat. While there are several causes to this problem there are 4 main causes of them.

The first one is fear. Extreme fear or anxiety causes the fight or flight response. This means that your body gets read to deal with the anxiety in a physical manner. Your body is flooded with adrenaline and other stress hormones. Part of what those hormones cause is is cold sweats. Generally once the fear is gone the sweats go away. People talk about nightmares or panic attacks causing sweats. For sweats caused by panic attacks introducing an anti-anxiety medicine will help control them.

Another cause of cold sweats is the lack of oxygen. People who are having respiratory distress like asthma attacks often start pouring cold seat. Part of this is that the lack of oxygen can cause an extreme stress response causing the person to start sweating. This can be controlled by getting more oxygen to the person. Get them to take medication, get on oxygen or to start taking slow controlled breaths can really help here.

Shock can cause cold sweats. Shock happens when a person has had some sort of trauma. It doesn’t matter if it is physical trauma like an accident or injury, or a psychological trauma like a loss of a loved one. Addressing the physical aspects of shock like keeping the patient warm, calming them down, getting some sugar into their blood system and taking care of any injuries will help.

The final main cause of cold sweats is low blood sugar. This is most often seen in diabetics. When their blood sugar plummets, their body undergoes a stress response. The most direct cure for this is to get some glucose into the person. That gets the blood sugar to raise and controls the sweats.

Getting these issues under control will stop the cold sweats.