Creative Ways To Cook Chicken Breast From Evolution Personal Training

Creative Ways To Cook Chicken Breast From Evolution Personal Training

Chicken is my personal favorite fit food. Chicken can be purchased anywhere and all around the globe. It’s really a great availability of protein and minerals. It’s stuffed with useful nutrients like vitamins B6 and B12. Even if you’re in a diet, it doesn’t mean that you must turn your back on eating chicken. At Evolution Personal Training we teach Edmond Ok’s best how to get creative while using the process.

The best part from the chicken is the chicken breasts, because chicken breast doesn’t have any carbohydrates and lower unhealthy fats and calories. It is really quite nutritious and offers nutrients which a bodybuilder can add on their diets. But do you realize that you have approximately 110 calories in chicken breasts? Among the other chicken parts the breast still has the smallest calorie. So, learn how to cook chicken breasts to minimize calories but still taste great?

Let’s have a look on these three simple creative ways to cook your chicken.


Grilled chicken remains my all time favorite. Grilling is among the most popular yet fun methods for cooking chicken. Its cooked by direct heat using a charcoal that adds extra flavor into the chicken. It’s actually a healthy solution to cook chicken breasts due to the chance to instill flavor into the meat without the need for unhealthy sauces. When grilling, just spread a touch oil before placing the chicken in avoiding sticking, cook the chicken so that the inside meat turns white.


Broiling is a slightly longer process. The chicken white meat is preheated in a broiler or oven. Brush the chicken lightly with oil or butter to allow support while in the crisping process. The skin of the chicken white meat is cooked crispy though the meat inside is still tender. Broil the chicken pieces for roughly Fifteen minutes; slice it to ensure that it is always cooked inside.


Boiling is the technique of cooking which may dissolve any fat from the chicken and clear away the fat that will add when you will fry it. Put the chicken inside a pot of water until chicken is not really pink in the center. There are so many ways to prepare chicken after boiling, remove it from your boiled water, it’s fine to use some dressing to get a perfect salad or perhaps you can also add some vegetables to get soup for supper.

Just try to remember, it’s only healthy if you don’t eat the skin of the chicken, containing all fat. You have the option to cook the chicken along with it skin or take it off before cooking, but don’t fail to remember to remove it before eating.

If shedding pounds is the goal, you will need to come up with creative ways on your dietary habits, make wise choices. Please join us at Evolution Personal Training in Edmond Ok, we can assist you to achieve your ultimate goal and we’ll provide help to incorporate these new habits to your life.